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Manipur House meets, empty Benches may make more noise; women as the X-factor in MP

Manipur House meets: In what might emerge as a trifling formality to

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‘BJP displaying shallow politics’: Delhi minister on price range for G20 preparations

The G20 Summit, which is scheduled to be held in New Delhi

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The new revolution ‘Jio Smart Home’ What is it? How does it work?

Jio Smart Home: Reliance Group has launched a new service called Jio

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‘Gadar 2’ will earn 500 crores before ‘Pathan-Bahubali 2’?

Despite the slow pace on Monday, 'Gadar 2' will earn 500 crores

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These three diseases increase the risk of heart attack and stroke

A study has revealed that high blood pressure, cholesterol, increased sugar and

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Chandrayaan 3: Know what information Pragyan Rover has received so far from the lunar surface

Last week, India did what no one else in the world could

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Liver problems: Not only alcohol, these things also rot liver

medical expert warnsLiver problems:

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Dream Girl 2 Review: Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘Dream Girl 2’, Pooja’s magic is worth watching

Ayushmann Khurrana has once again returned as Pooja with his film 'Dream

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UN warns about the danger of having smartphones in school

The United Nations has advised of the pitfalls of smartphones in seminaries, stating" only technology that supports literacy" is earned in seminaries. Mobile bias can beget distraction, threaten pupil sequestration,

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